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Civil Services

Asset Search

Multiple search to locate property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, corporate search, UCC search on an individual and/or company

Auto/Boating Accident Investigation

Our auto/boating accident investigators are the most credible persons to advice you of your legal rights and options and defend you in your legal battles

Diving/Scuba Accident Investigation

With 15 years of diving/scuba instructor experience; our investigators, along with specialized and state-of-the-art equipment can detect coins, jewelry, and other lost valuables

Driver's License Record Check

Full driving history includes all traffic violations and DUI. License information can be obtained with an individual's full name and date of birth

Evidence Collections & Documentation

Our investigator can collect, photograph the evidence and document same as well as preserve the evidence on your Civil or Criminal cases until such time the items collected are to be used

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Our investigators work for an insurance company and handles investigations of suspected criminal activity. These cases could include instances of arson, disability claims when people really haven't been injured, fake accident scenes, or even health treatments that weren't necessary in the first place

Lover's Background Check

Know Your Date/Lover/Future Spouse: Has your lover ever been convicted of domestic violence, molestation, drugs, a DUI or a felony? Are they really who they say they are? Do you really know them? Can you afford not to? Are you introducing a stranger into your children's life?

Medical Malpractice Investigation

Medication errors committed by doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals are a major problem and the source of many lawsuits. Prescribing the wrong type of drug, ordering an improper dose, giving a patient a drug that he or she is allergic to, or combining medications that are incompatible, can lead to serious burden

Nursing Home Abuse Investigation

Too often, elderly or disabled people, not only in long-term care facilities, but in some home situations as well, aren't getting the attention they require, at times having to complete with dozens of other residents who require help in the activities of daily living - feeding, bathing, toiletry, wound care. Such neglect can lead to disastrous consequences

Personal Injury Client [Sign Ups]

Our agency will investigate all personal injury related matters including; interviewing and sign up of new clients. Canvass accident site for witnesses, and take their sworn statements, photograph scene and/or property damage, or if needed videotape injuries, scars, along with any other field investigative activity

Process Service (Problem Service)

Are you unable to locate or having difficulty in serving the defendant in your pending case. Our investigators specialize in this type of service

Product Liability Investigations

Product liability is the area of law which deals with the liability of the manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of a product for injuries resulting from dangerous and defective products

Sworn Statement Service

Need sworn statements in your case. We will help your secure an essential witness' statement

Wrongful Death Investigations

When a Wrongful Death has occurred in your family, you have responsibilities far beyond consideration of investigating the death and making a legal claim

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